jQuery Custom Check Box and Radio Buttons
By: Darren Mason
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Requires a wrapper tag with the class "group". Could be any HTML tag. (div, span, fieldset, etc.)
To change images simple replace the current images with what ever you like. There are 3 states off, 
disabled, and active. You could replace those with any image you like simply name 
them the same as the current images and your done.
<span class="group">
	<label for="1x">Label One:</label> 
	<input type="checkbox" value="1x" name="checkboxone" id="1x" checked="checked"/>
	<label for="2x">Label Two:</label> 
	<input type="checkbox" value="1x" name="checkboxone" id="2x"/>
	<label for="3x">Label Three:</label> 
	<input type="checkbox" value="1x" name="checkboxone" id="3x" checked="checked"/>
-- OR --
<span class="group"> <label for="4x">Label One:</label> <input type="radio" value="1x" name="checkboxone" id="4x"/> <label for="5x">Label Two:</label> <input type="radio" value="1x" name="checkboxone" id="5x" checked="checked"/> <label for="6x">Label Three:</label> <input type="radio" value="1x" name="checkboxone" id="6x"/> </span>
Applies to all boxes
Check Box Items:

Applies to all boxes
Radio Button Items: