Flashcard 101 – Windows

Have you ever carried around hundreds of 3×5 flashcards to study? Now you don’t have to! You can enter all those questions and answers in your computer and test yourself with your PC or PDA (pocket PC).

This new application allows you to enter all your study material including photos*. Then re-test yourself on all your incorrect answers using the Leitner method.

This is a simple flashcard utility that lets you study vocabulary, chemistry, certifications, the list is endless. Don’t study hard study smart with FlashCard 101.

FlashCard 101 comes with a PC version that allows you to enter all your cards then save them to your PDA (Pocket PC). Download a free demo version and try it out.

FlashCard 101 Instructions


  • Easy to use.
  • Re-test yourself on the cards you missed using the Leitner method.
  • Create/Edit Cards on your PC or PDA.
  • Random Card Shuffle
  • Flashcard files are simple to create
  • Multiple testing methods
  • A great tool for memorizing facts, anatomy, definitions, etc.
  • Link to pre-made flash cards? (Desktop only, internet connection required).

PDA version compatible with the Windows Mobile 2002 and up. Desktop version does NOT required PDA for use.

This application comes with a desktop version and and PDA (Pocket PC) version bundled for a low price.

*photos only available for desktop version.


FlashCard 101 zip

Download FlashCard 101 Desktop and Pocket PC ver. Demo
FlashCards 101 [ARM Processor] zip