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Adding Axway Appcelerator Platform Services to your app (Using Swift 4)

The following are the step-by-step instructions for how to install the Platform Services SDK for this native Swift (4) Xcode project. Once installed, use the appropriate key below to enable for Development or Production modes. Development is the mode during which you are doing development or during pre-production testing. You should only use the Production…

Learning Appcelerator Part 3 (Model and Navigation Controller)

Building on our last two tutorials now we will add more detail to our app. We are going to introduce a Navigation Controller in this and a new Model. Get the code Adding new files userListNav.xml userDetails.xml userDetails.js userDetails.tss details.js CONTROLLER We are going to change the doAuth function to support our NavigationWindow on both…

Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) for mobile apps (Appcelerator)

Introduction The purpose of this document is to give a step by step approach for installing a continuous integration and continuous build server. This document will cover end to end instructions in getting code from a developer’s environment to the application delivery server for testers to download and test against. This will also include testing…

Appcelerator Mobile Backend Service Access Control Lists

Access Control Lists (ACL) Mobile Backend Services are awesome, but sometimes you need them to be limited to some users. Thats where Access Control Lists (ACL) come in. The ACL object implements access control lists for mobile backend service objects. An access control list controls read and write access to any mobile backend service objects…

Which Architecture to use for Mobile Application Development?

Selecting your application architecture for a mobile application depends on a variety of factors, including user experience, integration, and speed. This article will help explain which application architecture to consider for your next project. In 2016 according to data released by StatCounter, 51.3% of all web visits last month came from mobile devices compared to…