Pocket Drink Mixer – Windows

Pocket Drink Mixer
Have you ever wondered what was in a Brandy Sangaree? Or how to make Anniversary Punch. Now you can have those and over a 1000 other drink recipes at the tip of your fingers.

Pocket Drink Mixer will help you find and make more drinks than you ever thought you could. Impress your friends with your knowledge of Beer, Wine, Coffee drinks and more.

With Pocket Drink Mixer you can quickly search for drinks by Name, Ingredients, or even Glass type. Not sure what a drink is called? All drinks are Categorized by type. If you don’t see your favorite drink, add it to the database of over 1000 drinks. If you have a different way of making Bombay Punch update the current recipe.

With Pocket Drink Mixer you can bartend anywhere.

You can also interact with the waitress. Ask her anything! Example questions:
– What time is it?
– What day is it?
– How do I make a Greyhound?
And Much, Much, More! Try it and see!


Pocket Drink Mixer [ARM / xScale Processor] zip

Download Pocket Drink Mixer Demo
>> Pocket Drink Mixer [ARM / xScale Processor] zip

Pocket Drink Mixer